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QuickStaff Hiring Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have to pay for QuickStaff services?

No, QuickStaff services are free to all job seekers. We provide a business-to-business service, and are compensated by our clients. We charge our clients a service fee in addition to your pay rate.

How do I apply to QuickStaff?

You may apply online  or complete an application at our office. We are located at 311 Pennsylvania Avenue East in Warren, Pennsylvania.

How often should I contact QuickStaff about placement for work?

We ask for you to call the QuickStaff office each Sunday at (814) 406-4467 and leave a message to inform us that you are still actively seeking work, if your contact information changes, or if anything has changed in your job search. This enables our staffing specialists to modify their strategies to fit your job seeking needs. As soon as a job comes available that is a good match, we’ll contact you.

If I don't accept a position you offer me, will you call me again?

Yes, we realize that not every position offered will meet your current needs. Other kinds of jobs may be available in the future within the context of your goals and experience.

How can I get to the top of QuickStaff’s call list?

Call into the office and leave a message each Sunday that you are available and still looking for work.

QuickStaff Employee Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be prepared for my assignment?

Instructions on specific job requirements vary by assignment.  This information is shared with the employee before the start of an assignment during orientation.  It is important that you understand the requirements of the position and arrive at the work site prepared to work.

How will I get paid?

Depending on where you are placed, you will get paid weekly or bi-weekly. You will be informed of the frequency of pay during your placement orientation. QuickStaff prefers direct deposit pay. We can utilize a checking or savings account you have in place or can set you up with a pay card.

What salary will I be paid?

The pay rate for each assignment is different. The pay rate depends on several factors: the assignment, your skills and schedule flexibility. You will be presented with a pay rate amount before accepting an assignment.

What benefits am I eligible for as a QuickStaff employee?

QuickStaff offers employees:

  • – Paid holidays and paid vacation* (Must meet annual hour requirements.)
  • – Health Insurance beginning January 2015
  • – Referral Bonuses and Safe Work Environment Bonuses

How long do job assignments last?

The length of assignment is based on the needs of our clients. During your orientation, QuickStaff will discuss the anticipated length the assignment is expected to last.

If I am unable to arrive to my assignment, who should I notify?

As a QuickStaff employee, our clients are expecting you to arrive for work. However, if an emergency prevents you for arriving to the worksite when you are scheduled, please call QuickStaff at (814) 406-4467 and your Supervisor at the work site before you are scheduled to arrive at work.

What happens if I am injured at the worksite?

Your health and safety is a priority to us. Inform your Supervisor at the worksite immediately and contact QuickStaff at (814) 406-4467 for further instructions in how to access our Worker’s Compensation Panel of Physicians.

What happens if I am not happy with my job placement?

We want you to happy, and we want our customers to have the right person on the job. If you’re unhappy with an assignment, tell us and we’ll find a more suitable position. Contact QuickStaff at (814) 406-4467 and our staffing specialists will determine if any other positions are open and would meet your employment needs.

Are positions available where I work directly for the company you place me with?

Yes, QuickStaff offers our clients the ability to hire our employees full-time after a specific number of hours worked.

Do I have to call QuickStaff when my assignment ends if I want another job?

You will need to contact QuickStaff at (814) 406-4467 on Sundays. Let us know you are available for work and if changed in your job search, so we can get back to helping you find another position. If anything has changed in your job search, please let us know.